loss AND memories

Posted On October 21, 2010

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I just lost another uncle. A musical uncle. He was also an artist. And a teacher. If my brother and I have any gifts to share with the church, I can honestly say we got some of them from him. We had a memorial service. I spent a lot of time documenting his life, with photos and memorabilia and eulogies. The day of the service arrived. A few family friends came, along with the lunch ladies from church, and our small family. This was in stark contrast to another recent funeral to which the entire congregation turned out. It’s not too late. I still have the memorabilia. If the same folks who stayed away would come to my house, I would serve coffee and tell my uncle’s story. The day after the service I sat in the front pew staring at the funeral flowers and I couldn’t help it. Tears flowed.