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Posted On April 1, 2014

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Was reading an article online…in defense of accordions.  A writer in San Francisco touched upon the obvious….like how hard it was to take Myron Floren of the Lawrence Welk show seriously in his tangerine colored leisure suit.  And the words cheesy, corny, schlock, the sound of polka…associated with this instrument.  The writer also described a performance he had been privileged to observe,  in a quirky art space in Ocean Beach.  A variety show performed by sex workers (strippers, prostitutes, phone operators).  A chunky phone girl played Fat Bottom Girls with enthusiasm and energy and skill (on the accordion).  He said he was the only straight male in that packed, sweaty audience.  Having read his essay, I am approaching the two Easter songs I’m learning on my 12 bass, one secular and one sacred.  I’ve been practicing Peter Cottontail and I Love to Tell the Story.  url

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