Music on the Farm

Musical instruments on this property: two acoustic pianos. The one in the barn has survived dust, mice, and fifty below temps. Electronic keyboard. Two piano accordions, one a ladies size with mediocre tone, and a beautiful sounding 12 bass. Button accordion that plays in C and G. Two mini button accordions. Standard drum set. One hundred year old bass drum from the community band. A bass horn that looks like a Sousa phone but has another name. It’s missing a mouthpiece. E-flat melophone shaped like a French horn but it has valves, not keys. 3 clarinets, one Albert system. A collection of trumpets including one played by my grandfather for silent movies. A boehm flute. Violin that belonged to my grandmother. My dad refinished it once and it’s due for another refinishing. Soprano and bass recorders. Some odd Czechoslovakian flute. Pan-flutes, a gift from my uncle. An Egyptian drum I gave my brother for Christmas. Two melodicas. I quit playing them because too many people asked, “What do you call that instrument?” Guitar got from Green stamps (remember those?). My grandmother’s ukulele. A tonette or two. Bucket of basic rhythm instruments such as tambourine, maracas, castanets, sleigh bells. Wind chimes. I’m sure I’m forgetting something….oh yes…the old washtub bass……

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