Albert System

Posted On May 26, 2011

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My mother learned to play on an Albert system clarinet.  She said that the Boehm system, to which she switched at a young age, was easier for rapid playing.  I know one elderly gentleman who learned on the Albert system.  College clarinet majors sometimes have heard of Albert systm clarinets but usually have never seen one.  I happen to own one.  I didn’t know until I googled them that they are easier when it comes to the glissando technique (due to the open holes), and were the instrment of choice or default for many early jazz musicians.  They are also used for Turkish and Greek music, and klezmer.  And there are a few diehards who continue to play them.  Thr is also an Oehler system, which most German and Austrians clarinetists use, which I had not heard of.  But now there is Google……

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