last year’s church recital

Posted On August 12, 2008

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…or was it the year before that? My brother has his arm twisted to perform a noon recital as part of a series that fund raises for two scholarships to be given to aspiring young church musicians. There are two free will collections taken up, one for the music and the other for the luncheon. Generally, people donate on the average one dollar to the music fund and they give the church five dollars per lunch served. Last year my brother got up and said something like, “I put together this program at the last minute but I hope to entertain you with a dollar’s worth of entertainment”. Everybody laughed. Later, people remarked, “I can’t believe you said that”.

This year he has a couple of former students performing with him. One girl was scheduled to play flute but she will sing instead. Her song is “Bring on the men”.

I may provide a trifle for the luncheon.


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