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Posted On April 25, 2008

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Hey, have you ever watched Big Joe’s Polka Show on RFD TV?  It’s probably the worst produced musical show on the air, but also the most fun.  The show is filmed in what looks like an airplane hangar and the sound is really bad.  So are some of the polka bands.  On the other hand, some are really good.  The camera work is humorous.  It shows mostly non-professional dancers from their most unflattering angles (such as their rear ends).

But a lot of the bands have singers who perform in what I would call “Old Country” languages…Czech, Polish, German…I’ve even heard Norwegian and Swedish a time or two.  Young people, even little kids, are introduced to their heritage  and to a musical style that isn’t “cool”, which I think builds character.  A good time is had by all .


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