my musical past

My parents didn’t care too much for country music, to which they ascribed the term “hillbilly”. And they most certainly didn’t like rock. Not that they were snobs or anything. They listened to the popular music of their era, which was Big Band. And once in a blue moon they would turn on the polka show, called Heel and Toe Time. I guess they watched Lawrence Welk now and then but they could take it or leave it. My dad said he liked the violin music of Fritz Kreisler and my mother said she went to the symphony in Chicago. And they both liked marching bands. But we were very poor, and we never went to concerts and the only records we owned were  political satires. I guess I had a small record player and  kid songs on bright colored vinyl. Piano lessons for me were a complete waste. I didn’t know what music was supposed to sound like. I was told by my mother that people either like serious music such as symphony or opera, or junk popular music, and hardly anyone likes both. I was the only kid in school who didn’t know the latest Elvis songs. And I so very badly wanted to watch a country program where some of the participants sat on hay bales. But I knew I would have been ridiculed if I expressed interest and besides, the tv was switched off immediately when that show came on. My parents had both played clarinets in a community band, and had gone to dances and stuff like that. In fact, my mother had played in a dance band. I was always told to learn how to dance but nobody ever showed me how.


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