shopping at WalMart

Posted On April 14, 2008

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Yesterday I was wheeling a cart around WalMart, not my favoraite store but a good place to get exercise, and after I had picked up my calico fantail, the tank cleaning fish, the snail and  algae wafers, and after I had rejected the idea of buying herbs early for my garden, I took a stroll over to the toy department.

There it was! A lap harp. My friend Kathy has one. I’m not sure what she uses it for. She is active in the Mormon church so maybe she plays hymns on it, or perhaps she entertains her grandchildren or the kids at school where she is a teachers aide. I don’t know but ever since I saw her lap harp, I have wanted one. I am a sucker for odd little instruments that don’t take much time or effort to learn. Anyway, I stuck it in my cart and took another jaunt around the store. And in the end I put it back on the shelf.

Impulse shopping is expensive. Yes, the harp was only seventeen dollars but a dollar is a dollar and one can fritter away money, and time, I will own a lap harp one day but the time wasn’t right.


2 Responses to “shopping at WalMart”

  1. Stanley

    buy next time when u have money

  2. Geo Meek

    WallMart is crap it maybe a great place to have a good walk
    but dont buy anything.

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